About Our School

Whiting Elementary School

Whiting Elementary School is a small rural school nestled in the Champlain Valley town of Whiting, Vermont. We are one of the member schools in the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union and serve as one of the host sites for its pre-school program for three and four year-old children. Our three multi-grade classrooms promote essential learning experiences for Whiting¹s K-6 students. Our country school, one of the smallest in the state of Vermont, is recognized for promoting a safe and welcoming educational environment for all learners who thrive on the close family bonds between and among them. Though connected to the Town¹s rich history that pre-dates the American Revolution, Whiting students are fully engaged in learning for the 21st century.

At its core, Whiting Elementary School is a true reflection of its local and global community: shaped by our common traditions, fully connected to the opportunities and challenges of the present, and anticipating and preparing for the needs of our future.